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Meditation on Nada Yoga

In Satsang, my guru, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, used to remind us all to engage the practice of Nada Yoga, to listen and meditate on the inner sound. He advised us first to listen to the inner sound on the right side and then to expand it over to the left.

In his Nada Yoga book, he didn’t go so much into the reason for this suggestion; leaving readers and practitioners a bit confused about why they should listen to the inner sound on the right side first. 

Many people have contacted me over the years, saying, “I only hear nada on my left side not on the right, what am I to do?” 

The whole question has to do with the right-brain, left-brain issue. 

Remember, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati was a brain surgeon.

According to the Nobel prize winning, psychobiologist, Roger Sperry, the brain is a whole that is divided into two halves. The left side and the right side. According to Sperry, the left side governs logic, linear thinking, mathematics, and facts, while the right side of the brain governs imagination, holistic thinking, intuition, art, and rhythm. 

My guru’s concept aligns with Sperry’s, when you take something in through the left-side, like the inner sound, you mediate that sound along with its knowledge through your logical and analytical center.

When you take something, like the inner sound, in through your right side, you activate the inner sound (and it’s knowledge) through your intuitive heart center. 

This is the meaning and purpose of my guru’s suggestion. 

Remember to mediate on any yogic teaching through the intuitive heart center. 

This Sunday, I’ll be sharing Part 1 of my 3 part Nada Yoga Series via Zoom. 

Come learn about the mystical sound of nada.

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