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Your community would benefit from a training with Manorama

Manorama loves sharing her passion for Sanskrit and Luminous Soul with organizations and individuals across the globe!

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What Makes us the Gold Standard?

  • Through Sanskrit Studies & Luminous Soul, Manorama gives a living example of how to bridge Sanskrit, Meditation and Yogic wisdom into modern life.
  • She shows students how to utilize Sanskrit, meditation and yoga philosophy to meaningfully grow the way they engage with Sanskrit & Yogic studies.
  • She creates an environment that feels nurturing to the class, while providing clear steps and guidance for real growth in yogic practice.
  • She enhances any yoga training by bringing balance to the intellectual rigor of Sanskrit and yogic study with humor and care, making the whole process of learning easeful and fun.

Partnerships AND Collaborations


The course is a deep, focused, yet easeful immersion in the fundamentals of Sanskrit, both the language and its significance.

Amy S

“Thank You Manorama for being in my life, I love this connection with you: Your wisdom, your compassion touch and help me to make small precious positive changes in my daily life. Thank you!”

Prema Prudy Jenkins

Manorama’s guidance is invaluable in terms of making Sanskrit more accessible and tangible. Manorama’s classes feel joyful, inspiring and inspired.

Gwendolen Warnick 

If you want to start learning Sanskrit, develop proper pronunciation, and learn the deeper meaning of the language, this is the place!

Amey Matthews