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“Sanskrit is the language of vibration. When we chant Sanskrit mantras, we begin to understand this essential vibration. Since vibration is under everything, Sanskrit offers a doorway to the deeper meaning of everything.”


our mission

We believe the rich tradition of Sanskrit is just as significant as its application in modern life.

We are committed to teaching the technical aspects of the Sanskrit language, as well as its beauty. In this way, yoga teachers and students gain confidence in Sanskrit and Yoga philosophy and integrate this understanding in order to live a happy, enriched and fulfilled life.

Through the Sanskrit Studies Method, we show you how to connect the language with texts and teachings. Through the Luminous Soul Method, we show you how to connect yogic teaching to every-day life, bridging humor, wisdom, and serenity.

When you understand the language and the path of the yogi, you understand how to live in harmony.

We teach Sanskrit and Luminous Soul as sacred journeys that integrate grammatical skill and infuse wisdom into your life.

We are on a mission to train the next leaders in Yoga.

“Learning Sanskrit shows us how to access wisdom.
Living with wisdom leads to real happiness.”


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Sanskrit & Yoga Philosophy Teacher & Luminous Soul Guide.

As a teacher of Sanskrit, yoga philosophy and meditation for over 25 years my mission is grounded in blending modern life with ancient yogic wisdom.

I make Sanskrit, Meditation and Yoga Philosophy accessible, approachable, and fun, while honoring the richness of its vast tradition.

My formative studies in the tradition began as an immersive study with my Guru, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, in Sanskrit, Meditation and Yoga philosophy. Later, I continued my work in Sanskrit at Columbia University with the esteemed Dr. Ram Karan Sharma. The combination of these uniquely vibrant experiences honed my understanding of the Sanskrit language and gave me the confidence to delve deeper into how Sanskrit relates with the primary principles of Yoga, as well as to explore its connection with modern life.


Through Sanskrit, I discovered a world of resonance, intellectual acumen, support, warmth and fun merged together. These elements ultimately formalized into what are now The Sanskrit Studies Method and The Luminous Soul Method.

It’s my joy to share this understanding with you.



The teleclass helped me have more trust, less fear and more peace.

Judy Foster

Manorama’s guidance is invaluable in terms of making Sanskrit more accessible and tangible. Manorama’s classes feel joyful, inspiring and inspired.

Gwendolen Warnick 

This course taught me how to stay connected to my practice in the daily experiences of life. I feel far more connected on a daily basis, to my own being. I feel excited and privileged, grateful and reverent overall.



Julie Jensen

Manorama’s courses have had a profound effect on my practice.

Rachael Coopes

Are you ready to study The Tradition, understand yourself and experience greater joy?

Let’s get started on your soul journey, together