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Welcome to the Integrated Approach to Sanskrit, Meditation & Yoga Philosophy.

Study the Sanskrit Tradition. Gain Wisdom. Cultivate Confidence.

Let’s get started on your soul journey, together!


our Mission

We believe the rich
Tradition of Sanskrit is just as significant as its application in modern life.

We are committed to teaching the technical aspects of the Sanskrit language, as well as its beauty. In this way, yoga teachers and students gain confidence in Sanskrit and Yoga philosophy and integrate this understanding in order to live a happy, enriched and fulfilled life.

Through the Sanskrit Studies Method, we show you how to connect the language with texts and teachings. Through the Luminous Soul Method, we show you how to connect yogic teaching to everyday life, bridging humor, wisdom, and serenity.

When you understand the language and the path of the yogi, you understand how to live in harmony.

We teach Sanskrit and Luminous Soul as sacred journeys that integrate grammatical skill and infuse wisdom into your life.

We are on a mission to train the next leaders in Yoga.

Learning Sanskrit shows us how to access wisdom.
Living with wisdom leads to real happiness.”



Find Your Entry Point

Welcome to the Sanskrit Studies Method, a world-class training in the Sanskrit tradition with an emphasis on grammatical study, the science of vibration, chanting, and philosophy. Our approach is traditional, scholarly, easily accessible and fun.

While training in Sanskrit, you will learn Sanskrit grammar, read sacred texts, learn to pronounce and chant mantras properly, honor the principles of metrics and grow your confidence in yogic wisdom.


The Luminous Soul Method is a path of Self-inquiry that bridges yogic wisdom with modern life.

By training in the key elements of the Luminous Soul Method: Philosophy, Chanting and Meditation, students are encouraged to work with Manorama’s innovative exercises. This ground-breaking approach gives students the skills to apply and integrate the wisdom they learn, resulting in a joyful and fulfilling life.

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“Sanskrit is the language
of Yoga, but we call it
The language of love.”


This course taught me how to stay connected to my practice in the daily experiences of life. I feel far more connected on a daily basis, to my own being. I feel excited and privileged, grateful and reverent overall.



Julie Jensen

“Thank You Manorama for being in my life, I love this connection with you: Your wisdom, your compassion touch and help me to make small precious positive changes in my daily life. Thank you!”

Prema Prudy Jenkins

If you want to start learning Sanskrit, develop proper pronunciation, and learn the deeper meaning of the language, this is the place!

Amey Matthews

The course is a deep, focused, yet easeful immersion in the fundamentals of Sanskrit, both the language and its significance.

Amy S


“Is This All There is?”

A voice inside you says, “Is this it? Is this all there is to life?” Yet when you sit with the question you notice you have no idea how to approach it or resolve it with meaningful action. When you think of your own purpose in life, you’re hit with a flood of self-doubt, and insecurity about what to do next to resolve this inner struggle. You feel stuck by all the questions that surround you. You’re looking to be guided by a nurturing teacher who deeply understands how Meditation and Yoga Philosophy translate into wisdom that leads to living a joyful life.

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You Want a Direct
Understanding of sanskrit

You’re craving a more complete understanding of Sanskrit, Mantra and Yoga Philosophy, but have no idea where to begin. You want to work with an experienced teacher to incorporate these teachings and be equipped with the tools to read, study, and thoroughly understand the language through its grammatical structure.


Our Programs

Luminous Soul Satsang

Third Eye Meditation, Chanting & the Guru

Fri, July 12, 2024
6:30 pm – 8:00 PM ET

Join us LIVE online for Luminous Soul Satsang Sessions with Manorama



Let your community benefit from a training with Manorama

Manorama loves sharing her passion for Sanskrit and Luminous Soul with organizations and individuals across the globe!

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