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Reflections on Rishi

Let’s clarify and understand what the word and concept of Rishi means rather than just settling for the gist.

 We’ve all heard it said: Rishi means Seer.


 But if you leave it at that then the deeper layers of Rishi get lost and are not fully understood.


Rishi is Seer, yes, and

what the heck does ‘Seer’ actually mean? 

And why is it important to understand ‘Seer’?


The dictionary defines, ‘Seer,’ as a wise being, a sooth-sayer, prophet, sage, spiritualist, oracle and the list goes on…


Seers are beings that see light. But not just any light, they see the light of consciousness, the light of reality, the light of the divine. 


They are code breakers, who elevate their consciousness such that they perceive and understand spiritual light.


Moving through awakened consciousness, spiritual light is able to find a place of revelation through them.


Yogic Seers see mantra. They see pose. They see prana. They see the teaching.


And Seers transmit their illumined vision of luminous wisdom to the wise ones who listen.  



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