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Make That Decision, You Got This

I once had a dear teacher named Dr Sharma ji, say to me, “Manorama, you must make a decision.”

He saw I was strugglin’ to decide the best course of action between two things. Wise and dear lovingly Dr ji told me, “Use your wisdom and make the best choice that you see then don’t look back.”

His words helped me a lot. So, I sat with all that was on my table at the time and determined the best course of action and let go of the rest.

In honor of Dr ji, this week I am sharing this in Skrit-Style,

a new idiom add to your yogic lexicon

Three ways to use the Sanskrit idiom ‘to decide’ in your life…

in the present, past and future tenses:

niścayam + karoti – to decide

[etymology: niścayam = aim, determination + verb kṛ (karoti) to do/perform]

[[pronounced nish-chayam ka-ro-ti]]

tad yathā

  1. ex., she decides to go to a yoga class
    sā yoga-vāraṃ gantuṃ niścayaṃ karoti

      2.    ex., she decided to go to a yoga class.
sā yoga-vāraṃ gantuṃ niścayam akarot

      3.    ex., she will decide to go to a yoga class.
sā yoga-vāraṃ gantuṃ niścayaṃ kariśyati

practice pronouncing the above with me


now it’s your turn…

let’s take Dr ji’s advice and look at all that’s on your table.
sit with it and then decide your best course of action.

*use this idiom in a sentence.
(be brave!)

ahaṃ (add your aim here) niścayaṃ karomi
I decide (fill in the blank with what you decide)!

? Start by sitting with all that’s on your table then make the best choice regarding all.

?    Remember: Whenever you decide something, you get to harness your energy and focus your efforts on that decision.

?   Deciding gives strength and determination towards your aim.

Enjoy bringing Sanskrit wisdom into your life and makin’ that choice.


Celebratin’ you Skrit-Style!




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