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Working with Fear in Meditation

Hi Everyone,

This month in the Luminous Soul teleclasses we’ve been speaking a lot about fear in meditation, what this means, how to practice with this and much more.

Last week a great question came up in class that I wanted to share with everyone, as this topic is so important for growing your practice.

The question was “You speak about needing to recognize what comes up in meditation. If I feel fear, why do I need to recognize that fear in meditation?” It’s a good question, why would it be valuable to recognize your fear in meditation? Because when you recognize you have fear, it helps you to become conscious of it. What you are not conscious of, will act upon you unconsciously.

In meditation if you experience fear think of it as a veil. When you are not aware of your fear it will eventually demand to be recognized and will seemingly step in between you and the experience of oneness and light. Fear keeps us blocked; it has an energy to it.

What I liked about the question was it highlighted that there is value in recognizing where you need to work. Instead of internally saying, “I like this. I don’t like this”, you want to get to a place where it is more “where’s the next place I need to work?”

Sometimes fear can be a useful tool. Since meditation is a process of opening, when you experience fear while meditating that gives you information about where you need to work. When you experience fear don’t use it as the next place to judge yourself. Your fear is not to be tromped on, or treated like it’s ridiculous. In the Luminous Soul meditation practice, you learn to respect your fear and take a look at it. You don’t just stay there, you work with it.

When we become aware of the fear that rises in meditation, we can actually come into greater resonance with it. We create receptivity by listening and asking questions. When we do this its purpose in our practice will open up through the power of our innate intuition. How to work with fear in Luminous Soul practice: Instead of rejecting your fear, move to a place of curiosity around it. Work to release the fears, but only when your feel ready. Little by little your fear in meditation will naturally soften and readiness for deeper exploration will arise.

If you feel fear, stay with it, connect and listen within. Listen to what the fear is telling you. When you listen openly, inner wisdom will give you the next clue for the next place that you want to work to evolve your practice. Eventually, with your presence, fear will fold it into the center like cake batter. Remember the key is to be with it.

Grow your practice * Expand your happiness


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