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The Unifying Nature of Sanskrit

There is a term that gets used when you learn Sanskrit it is called ‘The Sanskrit Tradition.’ When I first heard it, it caught me and I thought “Hmmm ‘The Sanskrit Tradition,’ what does that mean?” What is this emphasis on the word ‘tradition’? Those immersed in The Sanskrit Tradition will call it that. The term ‘The Sanskrit Tradition’ refers to the Yoga Tradition, with its five main categories of practices: Asana, Sanskrit, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy and Meditation. Some people will be interested to study one or more of these different categories of practices, but according to the wise, they will always be under the umbrella of The Tradition.

Divisiveness is Common

My teacher, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, used to say, “Beware of the man or woman of disunity. They are everywhere. Hold to the man or woman of unity for these people understand the terrain of Yoga. They will lead you in the direction you want to go.” At this time in history, it is important to note that division of any kind is not adhering to the guidelines of the path of Yoga. Division is the path of the mind. As we work to train ourselves in the light of The Tradition, we must hold to unity inside, which will then extend outwards through our words and actions. This is the goal. To begin to work with this as a practice, it is enough to ponder Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati’s above statement and to listen to your own wisdom. Allow your wisdom to reveal ways that you can integrate its meaning into your life.

Unity as a Path to Oneness

The path of unity is synonymous with The Sanskrit Tradition and it is another way of saying the Yoga Tradition. It’s helpful to ask what is unity? Ask how is Sanskrit, as a practice, supportive of the feeling of unity? Unity means the feeling of Oneness. When we connect with what we are beyond the body and mind we feel inner unity. The more we practice through Sanskrit chanting or meditation, the more the Oneness will become our living experience. Sanskrit offers us the opportunity to look and see what the Rishis, yogic adepts, saw. We get to immerse in an exquisite grammatical map, that organizes the energy of the universe with our own energy. Chanting Sanskrit mantras result in tranquility of mind and heart for the chanter. Mantra recitation allows us to feel our essential nature, from vibration and energy to silence. The goal of a mantra is always to allow us to attune ourselves with a healthy, clarified vibration. The great Yogis know that when you chant a mantra the feeling of unity is a natural movement in consciousness.

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