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Shanta Claus & 5 Sanskrit Gift Ideas for Yogis-in-Training

I’ll never forget the time I taught a visiting Sanskrit scholar from India about Christmas. He visited for a month, which happened to be December. Since the festivities were beginning, I decided to explain what all the holiday hype was about. I explained the religious significance, as well as the secular way in which we Americans engage the holiday. I explained the Soy nog, the good cheer and the gifts under the tree. He smiled and took the information in as if to say, “How lovely that this is the festival your country celebrates.”

In one of our drives to the supermarket I started to explain the concept of Santa Claus and how he was a man that lived in the North… and then the scholar interrupted saying, “Ah Shanta Claus. A man who brings peace.” I thought about it for a moment then giggled and realized that the spelling of his name was similar and certainly derived from a similar concept and perhaps a similar root … I was amused and intrigued at the same time. Hmmm … could this old Sanskrit scholar have tapped into something? I was showing him a modern idea, and he was showing me its source. I’ve always found this to be the case with the great Sanskritists whom I have been privileged to meet. I’ll share a story with them and they will tell me the underlying essence. Ah Sanskrit… It is a wonder how it evolves a person.

In that light, I share with you 5 awesome Sanskrit gift ideas for the yogis-in-training in your life. Who knows, maybe you too will play Shanta Claus this season.

Sanskrit Gift Idea #1

Pronunciation of Essential Yogic Terms digital download

This was a project which I made for students that want to develop good Sanskrit pronunciation of common yogic terms like: Satya, Niyama and Sattva, Pranayama and much more. In the recording, I lead one repetition for listening then you repeat along with me in the second repetition. In this way you will grow your knowledge and pronunciation of so many yogic terms that are used regularly.


Sanskrit Gift Idea #2

Vaman Apte’s Practical Sanskrit to English Dictionary

This is the dictionary that I use the most although if you are wanting to become a serious Sanskrit student you will want to get several others as well. Apte’s is a wonderful beginning and I find this book invaluable.
Get the Sanskrit to English version and start looking up your words!


Sanskrit Gift Idea #3

Learn to Pronounce Yoga Poses CD/Booklet

This Sanskrit gift comes in two formats: 1. As a box set with a CD and booklet or 2. As a digital download with a digital booklet. Either way this can be great gift for the yogis-in-training in your life.

I created this product for students who want to learn to properly pronounce the asanas that they use regularly in their classes. There are over 180 pose names listed in this set. And all are listed alphabetically. I recommend that you work with eight pose names per week. All are tracked and have a booklet with properly written Devanagari and Transliteration script. The Learn to Pronounce Yoga Poses makes saying the asanas correctly both fun and easy!


Sanskrit Gift Idea #4

Megha-Dutam by Kalidasa

This is a poem that I worked on during my days at Columbia University. It is by Kalidasa. It’s a beautiful poem that contains much of the sublime in Sanskrit. The verses are long and offer you the opportunity to practice your Sanskrit or to immerse in one of the great poetic works of the Sanskrit language. Makes for a great and elegant stocking stuffer.


Sanskrit Gift Idea #5

The Ramayana 5 Vol set by the Clay Library

I love the work that the Clay library is doing. This is a beautifully laid out version of the Ramayana in 5 volumes. Each one chronicles a different phase of Lord Rama’s life. If you have always been curious about this epic poem then this set will delight you and absorb your attention for hours. I love pouring myself a cup of tea and curling up on my couch with a throw blanket and reading from this series.



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