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Mantras Contain Secret Messages

Sound is powerful – it has effect. Listen to a harsh tone and watch your body recoil, hear the upbeat sounds of African music and notice how you feel enlivened and joyful, listen to the steady sounds of the ocean waves and find your heart and breathing becoming steady and soothed. Sanskrit mantras profoundly affect you. They act like the ocean waves on your body and mind. When you chant or even listen to them your energy calms just by clicking into their reverent luminous rhythms.

Feeling is an Important Part of Conscious Sound

An important aspect to chanting mantras is to feel. You can know all there is to know about a mantra, yet if you forget to feel, you will have completely missed the essence of the mantra.
What is feeling in mantra? It is the experience of a mantra on a no mind level. In other words, when you chant a mantra and then listen aftwards without accessing your thinking mind, that is what I call feeling a mantra. In this thoughtless immersion in the sound, you will perceive the deeper layers of understanding that the mantra wants you to access.

Being intentional

Be intentional in your practice, and practice your mantra meditation regularly. Learn to sit with your energy without losing it. Just sit there and be with you. The more you do this, the more the mantra will find a place to land in you. Make that mantra and its sounds your total focus. Think of it as if there is a secret message contained within the center of the sound that you are seeking connection with. But the only way that you will access it is by transcending your mind and feeling the pure sound.


Luminous Soul Mantra Meditation Practice (8 min)

Mantra to Lakshmi

Śrīm Lakshmyai Namah

Reverence to the goddess Lakshmi


  1. Each morning start your Luminous Soul Mantra and Meditation practice by listening to the ambient sounds around you
  2. Feel the floor underneath
  3. Chant the Mantra to Lakshmi 9 x each day
  4. Sit quietly watching your energy and your mind
    Manorama’s Tips:
    Do not move to make meaning
    Just be with it
  5. Afterwards begin your day with the energy and presence of the mantra in your heart.



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