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6 Essentials Ya Gotta Know About Sanskrit

Here are 6 Essentials ya gotta know about Sanskrit. These 6 keys I’m sharing with you are so helpful to effectively learn the language.

After reading these, go ahead and re-read them again, think about what I put here and work them into your practice.

? Practicing the alphabet is key

For most of us establishing ourselves in the wisdom of yoga needs practice. And by that I mean a lot of practice. Sanskrit, as a yogic discipline is no different. Put frankly, ya gotta put your time in and study the language.The first thing to do is to learn the alphabet. I know at times it can feel overwhelming, welcome to Sanskrit study time. Persevere. Keep at it. Because here’s the thing, ya gotta get good at pronouncing the alphabet and reading and writing the Devanagari and Transliteration scripts. From this kind of grounding all the other elements of Sanskrit and mantra evolves.


? Don’t let Sanskrit grammar scare you
We Americans can get so flummoxed by the concept of grammar. (our European brothers and sisters don’t have this same reaction) The thing is our country is large, and everyone generally speaks English. You might be the exception with a great inner grammar motivation, but if you’re not then I want you to invoke your curiosity. Bring your curiosity to your grammar studies rather than your panic. Remember: grammar is the structure by which a language flows.
Don’t stress it. Put your attention on learning rather than being a freaked out dead-weight on yourself. Pinky promise, you’ll learn a ton more when you re-direct your focus from nervous to focused.

? Get a new notebook and lovely gel pen

Seriously, it sounds simple, but I find when I get a colorful new notebook and a fab pen, I get so excited to sit down and work on a current Sanskrit project. Inspiration around studying is key. For me it can often come in a simple action like getting a colorful notebook with a lovely gel pen. Try it out.

Here are my favorite Claire Fontaine Notebooks


very often my other favorite Inkjoy pens

*note: not pickin up any affiliate fee with these, just love em.’


? Being with yourself is part of the practice

There’s not a person alive or passed, who has studied Sanskrit that hasn’t spent a lot of time on it. When we approach the idea of Sanskrit development needing loads of time, we feel daunted and right there often throw in the towel.Let Sanskrit slowly reveal herself to you and let that steady practice show you how to be with yourself in the process. Remind yourself by saying: I am here learning and focusing. Then breathe and continue. It’s a marvelous practice. Let yourself saturate in it.Pro Tip: Don’t let life demands cut into your study. Make study time a priority.

? Words shape our thoughts

Words shapes how we see ourselves, the world and our thoughts.

             Sanskrit excels in this area.

This month, pick one Sanskrit word to align yourself with.
Here’s what I want you to do: Say it, meditate on it and all around consider it.
Then watch what happens.

[I got you covered with a mini list to jump start your practice.
Pick from the group below or select a new word on your own] 

śraddhā – faith, saundarya – beauty, abhaya – fearlessness, santoṣa – contentment, viśvāsa – trust, śrīyā – prosperity, āśā – hope, pratiṣṭhā – stability, sṛjanā – new creativity].

also check out this cool video that echoes how language shapes thinking: http://t.ted.com/c9aPP5m


last but not least … drum roll….


? Sanskrit is a language of vibration

What I mean when I say Sanskrit is a language of vibration is when you study Sanskrit, you are knowingly, or unknowingly, learning about the world of vibration. The vibrational realm is an unseen universe where energy reigns supreme, and where the world of objects and manifestation are there for your growth. Hold to this as a North Star, as you work with the language.

That’s it, you made it through the 6 essential things ya gotta know about Sanskrit. Whoot, you did it.

Consider which of the 6 keys speaks to you most and start to integrate what I shared into your practice.

⭐ ✏️ ☕ Don’t forget to select the one Sanskrit word you want to align with over the next month.


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