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Master the Art of Sanskrit Pronunciation with Manorama’s Instructional Course

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Introducing our Sanskrit Alphabet Pronunciation Course by Manorama! Immerse yourself in the vibrational aspect of the Sanskrit alphabet. Discover the power of Sanskrit mantras as they bring your heart and mind to a place of calm and ease. Proper pronunciation is key to fully embracing the depth of this ancient language, and Manorama’s precise instruction will guide you every step of the way. From learning the five mouth positions and mastering simple and complex vowels, to perfecting the pronunciation of consonants, this course covers it all. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of Sanskrit and start your journey towards a more confident understanding of the language of Yoga today.

This audio includes an invocation verse, closing prayer, and closing statements by Manorama. This course is designed to elevate your yogic practice.

Start learning Sanskrit now and tap into a yogic world of ease, precision and clarity like never before.


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