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Seva: Healing Through Giving (Part III)

Connection with love leads to seva.

Seva is the seventh Pillar in the Luminous Soul Method. It is the pillar that follows after Bhakti, devotion. To engage Seva after Bhakti is a natural progression. The more you connect with your sense of love and devotion the more you will see those around you as part of your very Self.

Ego & Seva

When you engage seva it quiets the egoistic part of you. You shift away from the “me focus” to the “we focus.” This “we focus” is the place where you experience, through your thoughts and actions, that we are all interconnected. It is the space where you decide consciously to live in and through this interconnectedness. In the practice of seva, you recognize your blessing and offer to another as a way that they too may experience a blessing. You recognize that blessing is a universal state that should be experienced by all. And you look for ways to support that.

Basically, the practice of seva teaches you to withdraw energy from your personality self and focus your attention on the universal Self.

Seva is a Choice

Seva is a practice of the heart.

To engage seva well, you need to stay connected with your heart as you make the offering.

Remember seva is a choice. It is an opportunity.

When you choose to engage it, you choose to stay connected with your heart, the most sacred part of you.  Seva means, you choose to live from the place of awareness of what is real, that we are all interconnected. When you work with seva you get to feel the depth of your own love and compassion by finding a way to serve another. Through seva, you experience the great value of sacrifice and the reality that one can make an enormous difference.

The experience of enlightenment is realized by feeling what you are beyond the body and mind and by staying in connection with your pure heart. The relationship with the pure heart is the synthesizing faculty. Seva allows you to contact this pure heart and thereby feel love. And love is the most powerful transformative force in this realm.

A deeper practice is a result of a journey inward.