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Namo Namah – Reverence


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In Namo Namah Invoke Reverence, Manorama merges traditional Sanskrit chants with Indian melodies and tabla drums to evoke healing and inner joy.

The dynamic and rhythmic power of Naren’s tabla, the fluid sounds of Giri Nair’s Bansuri flute and the haunting melodies of KV Mahabala’s sitar, accent the landscape of these ancient chants, supporting the experience of inner peace.

Accompanying vocals by: Ambika Pressman, Jules Febre, Cari Friedman & Matthew Lombardo offer beautiful vibrational energy to the presence of each song.

Manorama’s voice—invites the listener to feel the source of all things through the gateway of reverence.


Product information: 

Downloadable PDF with verses written in Transliteration & Translation

MP3 Audio 

Track Listings:
1. Established in Truth
2. Seeds of Protection
3. Radiant Sarwasti Ma
4. Powerful Lord Vishnu
5. Hail the Guru’s Lotus Feet
6. Salutations to Shri Patanjali
7. Reverence to Lord Shiva
8. We Bow to Shri Panini
9. Shri Ganesha’s Blessings

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