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Invoking the Gods & Goddesses – Sanskrit Chants with Manorama

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Sample Tracks


Invoke the force of the Gods and Goddesses in your life with this beautiful compilation of Sanskrit verses with Manorama.

Perfect for practicing Sanskrit chanting or for students interested in developing a deeper connection with the Gods and Goddesses.

Sample tracks: Tracks 2, 4 & 7
Cost: $13.99
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Product Information:
Downloadable Content:
Downloadable PDF sheet with Devanagari, Transliteration & English translation


11 tracks (31 minutes)

Track Listings:

1. Ganesha Mantra
2. Verse to Hamsa
3. Narayana Mantra
4. Radiant Saraswati Ma
5. The Bliss of Shiva
6. Shiva the Guiding Light
7. Invocation to Lord Shiva & Shakti
8. Ganesha Gayatri
9. The Grace of Vishnu (version 1)
10. The Grace of Vishnu (version 2)
11. Supreme Vishnu

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