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Learn to See What You See: practical steps to understand your prana

Part 2

In last month’a blog, I spoke about the vital need for the yogi-in-training to understand his/her prana, which means breath, energy, life force and soul. In the Luminous Soul Method, awareness of your prana is a foundational aspect of your practice. The more you consciously work with your prana the more you connect with your soul.

The question is how do you begin working with your inner energy? What are practical steps to develop connection with your prana?

In the previous post, I spoke about the need to stay connected with your energy as you move through physical action. I then spoke about how you want to consider the value of prana on an intellectual level and work to be present with it when it rises in you. In this post, I will speak about the third step in working with your prana, which is ‘to see what you see.’

Do you see what you see or do you translate everything? In order to develop greater pranic awareness start by observing. Observe your form as you move, observe your mind as you think, observe your heart as you feel. Ask your self what is moving all of this? And learn to become the observer of things. Make observation the goal rather than the synthesis of your observation. Simply see. So the third step in working with your prana is to ‘see what you see’ which requires that as you perceive you do not move into judgment or analysis about the seen. Instead watch, and drop whatever judgments arise and go deeper into the yogic field and the field of energy by staying with the pure seeing.

Robert Svoboda echoes the value of observation for developing your knowledge of prana, when he says, “Wise pranayama begins with observation. When moving your body, how often do you ponder what causes your body to move? When exercising, do you exercise your muscles alone, or also the force that drives them?” Dr Svoboda is right to challenge the student by asking… how often do you ponder what causes your body to move? Or the force that drives it

This January it’s all about observation and specifically observation of your energy. Get into a discovery mode and enjoy the start to the New Year by ‘seeing what you see’ and by being with your prana.

Excerpt of Robert Svoboda from: www.ramdass.org/featured-teacher-dr-robert-svoboda

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