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The Gift of Your Life

We are all energy moving through form, we just don’t know it yet. ~ Manorama

What is the gift of your life? …

The people I admire the most always live in an awareness of the blessing of their lives. Guru ji, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati, was aware of the gift of his life. My mother, Marlene, was aware of the gift of her life.

To understand the gift of something you need to understand its value. When something has great value in your life you recognize it as your gift.

I sat down this month and energized on what makes up this gift.

1. The gift of embodiment is growth

This whole realm of body mind reality is about growth. When times are easy or hard you experience joy or suffering. But within each experience lies a key for your next stage of growth. Whatever the experience, embodiment offers you the gift of growth.

2. The gift of energy is being connected with reality

In reality, you are not the body and mind, the real you is what animates the body and what moves the mind. You are energy moving through form. Think of the body as a tool that you are working through. It is borrowed, so to speak, and one day you will have to give it back to the universal source. When you finish your time in your body the body finishes. The energy that is you then disconnects from your body and exits your form.

Recognizing that you are energy is one thing; however integrating an understanding of this is something else. In order to live in this understanding you must practice regular yogic meditation.

3. The gift of meditation; integration of reality

Meditation is the key to living a happy life. It is not the next chore you need to do. It is a gift. It’s not the next thing to add to your list to feel bad about because you should do it, but you don’t. Meditation is the experience of being with your self/Self. And it is the natural discovery that emerges when you are in genuine connection with your self/Self.
As a practice: Meditation exercises build greater awareness.
As an experience: Meditation emerges when you immerse in the experience of awareness.

As yogis-in-training, we have the opportunity to consciously decide how we want to spend our lives, what we want to watch on TV, what we want to read, who we want to see and where we want to place our focus.

You have the capacity to consider your life, your being and experience what you are beyond that.

Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati put it this way, “To be happy, you must meditate.”

This month spend some time contemplating the gift of your life.

© 2014 Luminous Shabda, Manorama & Luminous Soul