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3 Keys to Great Chanting

The practice of Sanskrit chanting is so fun and healing that most people dive in immediately and don’t even think about the details involved. It’s natural to immerse and enjoy. And as time goes on when students want to go deeper into the practice, I’m often asked what are the keys to great chanting?


In this guide, I’ll share with you 3 keys to great chanting. Working with these keys, will elevate your chanting practice giving you confidence, ease and joy whether you chant in kirtan or chant traditional Sanskrit mantras or verses.


Key 1

Slow Down

First things first, slow down. I often notice, in an attempt to sound fluid, students rush through a chant. But the thing is the rush is felt in the expression of the chant. In other words, the chant takes on the quality of that rushed vibe.


Slow your roll. Catch your breath, feel the floor underneath you then proceed. Connect with your breathing in a conscious way and then begin chanting from there.


When you do this, the chant will take on the grounded quality you’ve established.


Key 2

Annunciate with Clarity


The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain. – Eliza Doolittle

Remember Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion later adapted into My Fair Lady by George Bernard Shaw.

Eliza struggled to pronounce English words, relying on her regional accent.

One key to improving your Sanskrit chanting is to

annunciate the words of the chant clearly.




I mean practice saying the words of the chant slowly and clearly.


Over time, you’ll pick up speed, while maintaining the clearly expressed words of the chant.

Note: A chant that is clearly expressed carries strength.


Give it a try.


And you’ll transform your chanting.


Key 3

Work the Mouth Positions


Another important key to improving your Sanskrit chanting is to attend to the five mouth positions. To do this work with the Sanskrit Alphabet to develop your ability to understand and apply the correct mouth positions.


Daily chanting of the Sanskrit Alphabet will improve your mantra chanting overall. As you practice the alphabet, put attention on each of the five mouth positions. When you do this, you will see a big improvement in your chanting.


Give these 3 keys to great chanting a try and see what you discover. Come to class and let me know any questions you have.


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