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Shifting the Contents of Your Mind Through Sanskrit

This June I thought to highlight a passage of something I read from my teacher, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati. He writes about language being like a river. In his statement, he evokes images of Sanskrit as having the capacity to carry one across the ocean of the worldly life or mind to the experience of peace. In his words, he mentions that our real problem is within us and that it is the inner work that we do which will support our growth and happiness. He highlights the Sanskrit language as a tool for elevating and expanding our minds and hearts to be able to stand in that happiness. Enjoy the read this month and contemplate the meaning of his words. ~Manorama

“Language is like the current of a river, such as the river Ganga. The Ganga originates from the Himalaya Mountains… it embraces all rivers coming into it, but continues to move on and on, with fresh currents in every moment, and finally its journey is perfected by merging into the ocean. The Sanskrit language is like the Ganga. It acts as a mother for many of the worlds’ languages, and its ultimate perfection is in freedom and enlightenment…you can not change the human mind, but you can change its contents. When mental contents change, then automatically our hearts become a divine center of unity…

…every problem originates from within; not only the obvious but countless subtle problems lie deeply rooted in the unconscious mind…We can not solve these problems easily, because the un-trained and undisciplined mind itself is a problem-maker. Therefore, we need to raise the contents of our hearts and minds through Sanskrit.” ~Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati