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Santosha Meditation

Suggested Practice: 2 x’s per week for 10 minutes


Begin your practice with this guided meditation

Find a comfortable seat either in a chair or on the floor in a cross-legged position.

Pay attention to the space around you.

Be open and one by one, notice the five gateways of perception.

Notice what you see, hear, smell, taste, the quality of the air on your body, is it hot or cold?

Once you are aware of them, start to pull your attention away from the objects you perceive.

Notice that your attention needs energy to exist.

Being with Energy:

Withdraw the energy that underlies your attention and practice being with it inside.

Feel the quality of this energy.

Don’t make any meaning about it, just feel it without letting thoughts flood the experience with mental meaning.

Learn and practice the value of being with energy without thought.

Allow your awareness to gently connect with the breath.

Watch the natural in going and outgoing breath pattern.

Feel the lightness and subtlety of your own essence as energy beyond thought.

Have contact with your Self and gently be with that.

Unify your attention, breath, energy by bringing them all together with your awareness.

This is Santosha contentment, which arises from contact with the internal union.

Mapping Healing:

After a few minutes, begin to re-connect with your body and your mind.

Open your eyes and ground in your physical reality.

Place your hand on your heart for 30 seconds inhale and exhale slowly notice how your heart is calm, you feel refreshed and at ease with simply being.

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