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Quick & Sacred Sanskrit: Shabda Tanmatra

What is Śabda? Śabda means sound, word or vibration. Śabda is a tanmātra, a subtle element. Tanmātras are themselves the essence of potential. Śabda is the essential vibration that exists underneath manifested sound as well as the manifested sound itself. Śabda is said to be eternal. The eternal aspect of Śabda is called sphotam, which means vibration. It is the vibration that exists under sound that is said to be continuous.

There is an important term in Yoga known as Śabda-Brahman, which means the sound of God. Śabda-Brahman also means the sound (or vibration) of the highest expansion of light and knowledge.

Manorama’s Tips:

~ When considering Śabda through the lens of Yoga, consider the relationship that exists between vibration and your manifest speech.

~ When viewing Śabda in the context of Ayurveda, consider your outer speech, known as words, and your inner speech, called thoughts. Notice that your thoughts and words manifest into the life you have. When you speak and think in a kind and compassionate manner, you manifest a positive feeling in your body, mind and life.


Manorama’s Sanskrit Pronunciation Tips:

  1. Connect with your breathing
  2. Feel your feet underneath you
  3. Say the ‘Śa’ from the 2nd mouth position (hold for an accentuation here when saying the word)
  4. Next say ‘bda’ from the 5th and 4th mouth positions
  5. Put it all together: Śabda – Sound – Great!
  6. Don’t forget to enjoy the feeling of saying Sanskrit words. Sanskrit words are particularly pleasing to hear and say. Let the feeling of the word meet you.

In the next Quick & Sacred Sanskrit post, I’ll be sharing about the Tanmātra: Rasa.

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