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Q&A with Manorama: Beginning Meditation

Question from Student:

I’m a beginner to meditation. I’ve been working on maintaining a daily practice. Recently I had an intense experience when sitting down to practice in which my heart started to race and I felt an intense happiness and joy. I didn’t feel I was able to control this and got scared so I opened my eyes. Is this normal for beginners to meditation?

Manorama’s Answer:

When you begin a meditation practice, and even after some time within the steady practice, you may have some experiences that are overwhelming. Meditation itself will challenge your senses and your understanding of what you truly are. Meditation is a re-alignment with what you truly are. In the process, sometimes certain experiences can feel intense.

My suggestion is to allow them to come and go and do not attach specific meaning to them. Hold to the reality that you are beyond all. Keep your attention on the point of experiencing what you are beyond name and form as your primary aim. If you feel overwhelmed stop and be with whatever is coming up for you. Then when you feel rested you can begin to practice again. You will not always feel this fear. But sometimes it will arise. It is just a developmental phase whereby in the quiet the mind grips a bit. Allow it room and don’t give it major importance.

Keep practicing…


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