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Five Key Sanskrit Terms Used in the Atmabodha

Luminous Soul Definitions

1. Ātmā

Ātmā the Self, the Absolute Reality.

Manorama’s Commentary:

Atma is your highest Self. In the Atmabodha text, Shankaracharya lays out non-dualistic, Advaita Vedanta philosophy for coming into union with your highest Self or Atma.

2. Sākshī

Sakshī means the witness, the observer, Eternal.

Manorama’s Commentary:

In yogic dialog, the Sakshi is the Seer. The more we work with experiencing Sakshi within, the more we are practicing being with the seer within us.

3. Abhimānnin

Abhimannin is the enjoyer, the active agent, the doer.

Manorama’s Commentary:

The abhimannin is in operation when we identify with the body and mind.

4. Vilakshanam

Vilakshanam means different or distinct from.

Manorama’s Commentary:

You want to work in your yogic practice with with the concept of distinction rather than difference. Difference will trigger feelings of like and dislike. When you connect with the concept of distinction, you don’t move into like or dislike so quickly. This gives you the needed inner space to move into greater seeing.

5. Māyā

Illusion. That which is measurable. The eternal play of the universe. Compassion. Sympathy. Extraordinary power. Wisdom.

Manorama’s Commentary:

Sometimes maya, illusion, will personify herself as Durga or another goddess. Sometimes the word maya will signify compassion or illusion. You will always have to look at the context to understand what way the word maya is being used.

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