A Goddess Mantra – Episode 3

The Manorama Podcast

Episode 3

A Goddess Mantra with Manorama

Learn a Sanskrit mantra that honors the goddess and receive guidance in using this mantra in your Luminous Soul and Yogic Practice.

Key Features:

  • Mantras support you in being in yogic stillness.
  • Mantras are dynamic, energizing and calming all at the same time.
  • Each Sanskrit mantra has a specific way in which it acts on our consciousness, bringing us into greater harmony with ourselves and the world around us.
  • Mantras show us a world of unity, a world of energy where we are all connected and ultimately one.

Mantra Practice

Using a goddess mantra from the Devi Mahatyam, we practice by listening, chanting and then sitting quietly afterwards in order to notice the effects of the mantra on our minds and bodies:


Namo Devyai Mahā Devyai     Śivāyai Satatam Namah

Namah Prakrtyai Bhadrāyai     Niyatāh Pranatāh Sma Tām

Reverence to the Devi to the Supreme Devi. Salutations to her who is ever auspicious. Respect to her who is the primordial cause and sustaining power of all. With our attention focused, we extend our respect to her again and again.

Translation by Manorama

To enter into the world of the goddess is to enter into the world of energy and healing energy. Practice and enjoy the insights that rise.

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