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Welcome to the Luminous Soul Method, a world-class training in the Sanskrit tradition with an emphasis on grammatical study, the science of vibration, chanting, and philosophy. Our approach is traditional, scholarly, easily accessible and fun.

While studying the Luminous Soul Method, you will practice Meditation. You will learn about the Luminous Soul Pillars. You will chant and immerse in sacred Yogic texts. You will grow your confidence in yogic wisdom.

Choose Your Way to Learn


Come together with Manorama and Luminous Soul students. Whether in-person, or online, practice Meditation, immerse in Yoga Philosophy and the way of the Yogi. Discover how to integrate these teachings into your life.


Luminous Soul Satsang 

Join us LIVE online for Luminous Soul Satsang Sessions with Manorama


Luminous Soul Retreats

Join us LIVE online for Luminous Soul Satsang Sessions with Manorama


Virtual Library

Study at your own pace, any time and at any location. Be guided through Luminous Soul Method pillars and principles as well as immerse in Yogic wisdom.


Who is the Luminous Soul Method for?

  • Individuals who are curious to study and unlock the mysteries of Sanskrit texts from an analytical perspective.
  • People who are interested in understanding the origins and foundations of the Sanskrit language.
  • Detail-oriented people.
  • People who crave the confidence to understand, speak and chant in the Sanskrit language including studying texts, chanting mantras, and pronouncing poses.
  • Students who are interested in the technical details that make Sanskrit what it is.
  • Individuals who want to feel supported and encouraged in their learning process.

Students who want to dive into Sanskrit, Mantra and the grammatical exploration
should begin with the Sanskrit Studies Method


Manorama’s courses have had a profound effect on my practice.

Rachael Coopes

LSM has helped me develop a daily meditation practice, given me access to inner strength and greater self-awareness.

Sarah Parker-Givens

The Luminous Soul Method helps me understand yogic teachings. And most importantly – the method gives me access to be able to actually work with a teaching in daily life. A perfectly shaped and wonderfully conducted method to study Sanskrit embedded in yogic teachings.

Sybille Schlegel

Still have questions about The Luminous Soul Method?
We’re here to answer any questions you may have.