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Luminous Soul ‘Nada Connect’ Exercise

  1. Pause and consider the principle of Nadam.
  2. Read from the book ‘Nada Yoga’, by Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati**
  3. 3 x’s each week Meditate for 8 minutes. Watch your body and mind. Listen to the subtle sound of Nadam within you.
  4. Don’t try to make meaning of the sound. Simply listen to it and let the sound fill your consciousness.
  5. Remind yourself to feel beyond your mind and body.
  6. Each time you practice, let the healing sound of your essence fill your awareness more and more.

Nada Connect Weekly Contemplations
Each week, contemplate one of the statements below from Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati:

Week 1: All forms of energy have the potential ability to transfer into one another. Light and sound energy frequently travel together.

Week 2: Meditate on nada with dharana, dhyana and samadhi and gradually the once seemingly mechanical sound will become the living pulsation of awareness.

Week 3: Nada is the manifestation of akasha, ether or space.

Week 4: In reality, nada is present, everywhere, because it is beyond time and space. The frequency of nada and our perception of its center of manifestation shifts when our mind is silent.

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