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Happiness, Humanity & The Free Flow of Energy

According to the dictionary, vibration is defined as: ‘of or relating to the act of vibration.’ Hmmm… ‘Relating to the act of vibration’… I sat with the definition a bit and chuckled … after reading it I was left contemplating the word vibration, as well as something about relating.


Someone recently asked me what I thought happiness was. I replied, that I felt happiness was the free flow of energy, a continuous flow of healing vibration. This free flow of energy is what I call love.  Happiness is any sustained contact with love. Long ago, yogis discovered this energetic well-spring of joy and for thousands of years they came and went from this realm absorbing themselves in this dynamic, field of energy.

Free Flow

Free flow of energy can be studied in a variety of contexts. One of the ways that we study it is through the communication we share as human beings.  Communication can lead us to a deeper study of energy overall. Through our relationships with other humans, animals and our environment, and ultimately with our self, we have the capacity to feel what I am calling ‘the free flow of energy.’  For example, a healthy relationship with someone on an energetic level, leads to joy, harmony, alignment and prosperity, while an unhealthy connection causes pain, sadness, crisis, and eventual breakdown of that union. Communication in connection with another signifies the free flow of energy between you both through thought, word, and attention.

Communication with self

It is similar with regards to the relationship with our self. The more there is conscious communication within us, the more we are in free flow of happiness with our self.  I think that we make it more complex than it is.  We think realizing true happiness or ‘the Self’ is all about going for the divine, but I say, let us first spend time with our own humanity. Thich Nhat Hanh shared a Buddhist teaching from The Zen Master Lin Chi that echoes this, ‘The miracle is not to walk on water, but to walk on the earth.’

When we are with our self in all of our humanity then we begin to develop the needed grounding in our self, and build a foundation of trust that supports us. As we trust in our self and in our connection with self we start to do as Lin Chi suggests, we ‘walk on the earth.’ When we do this we find the needed strength to be fully with our self.  As we learn to ‘be with’ self, genuine courage and strength wells up in us and we have the needed supports to venture out into the deep and meaningful waters of our own divine nature, to experience what it is like to touch the depth of the mystical teachings and in essence we feel what it is like to ‘walk on water.’


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