Luminous Soul Method™


Questioner: What is it you do?
Manorama: I show people how to understand themselves; well really I teach them how to read the language of their soul.

What is the Luminous Soul Method™?

The Luminous Soul Method, is a unique method that guides students through key principles and practical tools which unlock the keys to happiness and authentic living.

In the Luminous Soul Method, students engage each of the nine pillars, which build on strengths that enable them to ultimately shine and live in their core radiant self. We work with various elements such as ancient Sanskrit texts, conscious listening exercises and wisdom discussions and what I call archetypal imprints. As you work with each of the Luminous Soul Method pillars, you move from a life of stuck and unrealized, to a life of purpose, strength and courage. You learn how to consciously bridge your everyday experiences with the meaningful and spiritual.

Access to this code will change your life forever.

Learn the skills you’ll need to live the life you were always meant to live.

Roots of the Luminous Soul Method™

Manorama’s work with eastern yogic philosophy, Sanskrit and deep grounding in the rishi culture, synthesized together with meaningful therapeutic work and what she calls archetypal imprints, form the basis for the Luminous Soul Method.

Rishi culture signifies the tradition of the seers. Manorama will often say, “The rishis perceive the code and the more the rishis access it, the stronger it becomes in them. The code is their source of strength.”

“Luminous Soul is a language you get inside of. And when you do, you align daily harmony with soulful living.” ~ Manorama

After more than 27 years of practicing Sanskrit and Yoga philosophy and working with thousands of people in yoga teacher training programs, as well as individual sessions, there is a knowledge that has integrated into what I call the Luminous Soul Method.

Discovering the nine pillars of the Luminous Soul Method will change your life forever.

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