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Nada Yoga - The Science, Psychology and Philosophy of Anahata Nada Yoga

The Fundamentals of Yoga

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Sarva Bhutesu - In All Beings

Thread of Wisdom Yoga Pearls Vol 1 with Manorama

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This package is perfect for the beginner who wants to explore Sanskrit & Luminous Soul teachings with Manorama.

Included in the beginner’s package is: a yogic journal with wisdom by Manorama, the Nada Yoga book, by Manorama’s teacher, Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati. The Nada Yoga book, which discusses the yoga of sound, and how to approach the practice of listening to the inner sound. The Fundamentals of Yoga book, where Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati outlines the essentials teachings you must know to achieve fruition as a yogi-in-training and the digital chanting audio with Manorama called ‘In All Beings.’


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Sarva-Bhuteshu, ‘In All Beings’ audio

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Nada Yoga book

Thread of Wisdom book

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