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Luminous Soul: The Transformative Power of Faith Retreat via Zoom or in-Person NYC

Sun, Dec 31, 2023 - Mon, Jan 1, 2024
10 am - 1 pm ET

A life without faith, at times, can feel unmoored.
Without faith, there is uncertainty, and a loss of ease and contentment.

Join Manorama, and friends, this New Year’s Eve & Day, to nourish yourself in The Transformative Power of Faith Retreat, Online via Zoom or in-Person NYC.

Each morning, light a candle, and settle into your seat, and as you watch the incense curl up, inhale deeply breathing in the scented air.

Close your eyes, considering all that you’ve faced this year.
Let a gentle smile hover on your face, feeling genuine gratitude for all the lessons given.


Bow your head to the higher divine.

Chant from your depth to honor that light within you, within us all.

Pause and be with the resonant stillness.

Listen inwardly.

Each time the restless mind perks up… gently return to watching and listening again…
this time more deeply, more contact with the divine, more quiet, less something.

Let go of the past, with its variegated memories.
Let go of the future, with its foreshadowing and opportunity to fret.

Sit in the present moment, here and now where santosha, contentment exists.

Join us for The Transformative Power of Faith Retreat

Manorama will guide you in the wisdom and beauty of developing an unshakeable faith that will thread through all the moments of your life.

She’ll share approachable Luminous Soul teachings, exquisitely resonant Bhagavad Gita verses, and experiential Luminous Soul exercises that reflect the importance and value of faith in your life.

Strong Faith is like an anchor; it gives you access to steady trust.
That steadiness, born from your faith, will gives you strength.

End your year in yogic contemplation and meditation.
Simultaneously fire up your New Year connected with your soul.

Meditate, Chant, and immerse in Luminous Soul teachings.

Come away feeling tranquil & inspired

Online via Zoom or in-Person

Investment –  Retreat + Course Materials

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*retreat fee includes all classes & course materials

Can’t make the live retreat? Watch the recordings!

have a question? email us at sanskrit@sanskritstudies.org or call 917.765.0719

*** retreat is non-refundable.

©2023 Luminous Shabda, Sanskrit Studies 

*Payment plan: First payment of $250. Then the following 3 payments of $100 each will process every 3 weeks after the first payment.