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New Sanskrit Studies Method: Sanskrit Level 2 via Zoom

Sat, Jun 8, 2024 - Sun, May 11, 2025
9 am - noon ET

This Sanskrit Studies Method: Sanskrit Level 2 Year-Long course offers an accessible modern method of learning Sanskrit.

This course promises to be challenging, full of breakthroughs, joyful, and profound.


Learning the Sanskrit Studies Method Level 2 will:

  • Give you the confidence that comes from true understanding.
  • Step you into your next level as an asana teacher and yogic practitioner.
  • Build your understanding of Sanskrit by showing you how to work with the architecture of the language.
  • Introduce you to the culture of the Rishis.
  • Teach you how to pronounce Sanskrit Mantras and Sutras with poise and assuredness.
  • Develop a more comprehensive grammatical understanding of the language.
  • Guide you in sustaining a home Sanskrit practice with principles for guaranteed success.

Ultimately, this course and method of learning Sanskrit will give you an unshakeable strength, which you can bring into your practice and life.

Divided into 4 semesters, each semester includes live Zoom weekend modules.
Participate live or if you need to miss a class, listen to the recorded class.

Join Manorama, grow your practice, step into the deepest expression of who you are in the world and the classroom alongside students from around the world.

First Semester

Navigating Highways
Prefixes Endings & Letting Go of the Past, Shakti Ma
Golden Road of Expansion, Feminine Nouns & Receptivity Abhyasa


Mod 1:  June 08 & 09, 2024
Mod 2: July 13 & 14, 2024
Mod 3: Aug 03 & 04, 2024

Second Semester

Building Structure, Cultivating Awareness
Integration, Consonant Sandhi & Sanskrit Luminary
Consonant Sandhi, Non ‘A’ Gana Verbs & Sanskrit Terms

Mod 4: Sept 07 & 08, 2024
Mod 5: Oct 05 & 06, 2024

Third Semester

See What is Golden
Neuter Nouns, Unity in Yoga Sutra, Golden Road of Expansion & Sanskrit Luminary Abhyasa, The Third Conjugation & Unity in the Yoga Sutra, Feminine Nouns, Idiomatic Expressions, The Golden Road of Expansion & Sanskrit Luminary

Mod 6: Nov 02 & 03, 2024
Mod 7: Dec 07 & 08, 2024
Mod 8: Jan 18 & 19, 2025

Fourth Semester

The Practice of Unifying Within
Vibrational Field, The Golden Road of Expansion & Sanskrit Luminary Cont. Saraswati Devi,
The Sanskrit Dictionary & The Golden Road of Expansion

Mod  9: Mar 15 & 16, 2025
Mod 10: May 10 & 11, 2025

Study Sessions

Study sessions are 50 min in length. Study Sessions are additional to the module classes. They are optional and offer students the opportunity to bring their questions and to work together in a workshop style.

First Semester
Sat, July 13, 12:10 – 1 pm

Second Semester
Sun, Sept 8, 12:10 – 1 pm

Third Semester
Sat,  nov 2, 12:10 – 1 pm

Fourth Semester
Sun, Jan 19, 12:10 – 1 pm

*Prerequisite: Sanskrit Level 1 Year-Long Training

**Early Bird Discount open til Fri, May 3, 2024

Early Bird Discount
$3500 NOW $2995 


*see plan details below


*SSM Payment Plan Details: 1st payment $575 then 8 payments of $339 every 4 weeks.


If you want to start learning Sanskrit, develop proper pronunciation, and learn the deeper meaning of the language, this is the place!

Amey Matthews

Manorama’s guidance is invaluable in terms of making Sanskrit more accessible and tangible. Manorama’s classes feel joyful, inspiring and inspired.

Gwendolen Warnick 

Manorama provides expert instruction in fundamentals and insight and inspiration into the richness and mystery of Sanskrit.

Maia Gendreau 

The Sanskrit Studies Method class has deepened my yoga practice on so many levels. I now understand why and what I’m saying and the chants have become more beautiful.

Sue Stewart

The course is a deep, focused, yet easeful immersion in the fundamentals of Sanskrit, both the language and its significance.

Amy S