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The Rishi Club: Foundation Series via Zoom

Tue, Sep 19, 2023 - Tue, Jan 30, 2024
6 pm - 8 pm ET

The Rishi Club: Foundation Series,
is a place to come home to, a space to be with like-minded spiritual seekers, to chant, to be still in meditation, to be guided into a full understanding of the wisdom of Luminous Soul teachings and the sage
Nisargadatta Maharaj


Imagine a place you’ve created just for you, where your spiritual thirst is not skewed away, but welcomed and nourished. A place where interest in spiritual contemplation is encouraged and engaged with. This is the Rishi Club: Foundation Series.

In each class, there’ll be a guided Luminous Soul Meditation, Sanskrit chanting and select readings from the yogic text ‘I AM THAT.’

Built your yogic foundation with Manorama as she offers Luminous Soul commentary on key sections of the text ‘I AM THAT,’ making its yogic wisdom practical and accessible to you.

Nurture yourself on a soul level and watch the rest of your life and your relationships carry the vibration and light of that level of grounding and connectedness.


Expect serious spiritual study, laughter, ‘ah ha’ moments, and connection with the loving Luminous Soul Community.


Make space in your life for you. Prioritize your practice.


Divided into 4 Modules.
Each module includes live zoom classes.
Participate live or if you need to miss a class, watch the recorded class.

MODULE 1:  The Foundation of Practice





Week 1: Sept 19th, 2023
Week 2: Sept 26th, 2023
Week 3: Oct 3rd, 2023
Week 4: Oct 10th, 2023

MODULE 2:  Meditation & Witness Consciousness

Week 1: Oct 17th, 2023

Week 2: Oct 31st , 2023

Week 3: Nov 7th, 2023

Week 4: Nov 14th, 2023

MODULE 3: Growing in Consciousness


Week 1: Nov 21st, 2023
Week 2: Nov 28th, 2023
Week 3: Dec 5th, 2023
Week 4: Dec 12th, 2023

MODULE 4: The Inner Landscape of Happiness


Week 1: Jan 2nd, 2024
Week 2: Jan 9th, 2024
Week 3: Jan 16th, 2024
Week 4: Jan 30th, 2024 

4 Modules

details: 4 payments


Application Info
*Aug Application Period Closed.
**Last Application period will be open Tues, Sept 5 until Wed, Sept 13.



Apply below:

include your full name, email, address and phone.
Please answer the following questions:
1. Why do you want to take the Rishi Club? What interests you about it? What calls you to study this course with Manorama?

2. What is your favorite Yogic teaching?
explain in one paragraph.




If you want to start learning Sanskrit, develop proper pronunciation, and learn the deeper meaning of the language, this is the place!

Amey Matthews

Manorama’s guidance is invaluable in terms of making Sanskrit more accessible and tangible. Manorama’s classes feel joyful, inspiring and inspired.

Gwendolen Warnick 

Manorama provides expert instruction in fundamentals and insight and inspiration into the richness and mystery of Sanskrit.

Maia Gendreau 

The Sanskrit Studies Method class has deepened my yoga practice on so many levels. I now understand why and what I’m saying and the chants have become more beautiful.

Sue Stewart

The course is a deep, focused, yet easeful immersion in the fundamentals of Sanskrit, both the language and its significance.

Amy S