The Inner Landscape of Meditation

New 4 week course: The Art of Living a Meditative Life

Starts October 23, Thursdays, 1 – 3 pm

In The Inner Landscape of Meditationtm course Manorama guides students through an understanding of Luminous Soul Meditation practice and how to bring this meditation practice into your daily life.

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Gayatri Mantra: Puja & Practice Teleclass

Thursday, October 30

Join Manorama for this Gayatri Mantra: Puja & Practice Teleclass.

In this class Manorama will speak on the healing aspects of the sacred Gayatri mantra, and how you can work with it in the context of a puja (offering) and your yogic practice.

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Immerse in Nada Yoga Teleclass

Sunday, November 9

In this Luminous Soul teleclass you will discover, what nada is, how it is connected with OM and how to begin working with this vast yogic subject.

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Sanskrit Level 2 Teleclass

Friday & Saturday, November 14 & 15

This course continues from the Sanskrit Alphabet level 1 and introduces more complex word structures. It enable students to delve further into the complexities of the Sanskrit alphabet.

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A dream come true… Our Teleclass series provide students with the opportunity to work more closely with Manorama, the Sanskrit Studies Method & Luminous Soul Teachings.

Whether you live far away or you are simply interested to immerse more deeply in Luminous Soul teachings, these Teleclasses support your development and give you a special opportunity to connect in on a weekly basis with Manorama.

Classes are dynamic, interactive, full of wisdom and fun. Each Teleclass series is designed to help you grow and develop as a yogi. In our Teleclasses you build your knowledge and come away with a genuine confidence in your self and your practice.

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