A dream come true… Our Teleclass series provide students with the opportunity to work more closely with Manorama, the Sanskrit Studies Method & Luminous Soul Teachings.

Whether you live far away or you are simply interested to immerse more deeply in Luminous Soul teachings, these Teleclasses support your development and give you a special opportunity to connect in on a weekly basis with Manorama.

Classes are dynamic, interactive, full of wisdom and fun. Each Teleclass series is designed to help you grow and develop as a yogi. In our Teleclasses you build your knowledge and come away with a genuine confidence in your self and your practice.

Teleclass FAQ

What is a Teleclass?
Teleclasses with Manorama are live, interactive workshops conducted over the telephone like a conference call.

In this new and exciting forum, students gather with Manorama over the telephone to study the teachings of Yoga. All are encouraged to participate in in-class discussions and to ask questions on the Teleclass topic, such as Meditation, chanting, Sanskrit and Yoga philosophy.

What will I need to participate in a Teleclass?
A phone and ear phones. A Landline is best however, if your cell phone’s reception is generally stable it will work fine.
A notebook and pen/pencil.
A quiet space to sit and focus for the duration of the Teleclass.
What will the Teleclass be like?

During these workshops there will be both lecture style teachings from Manorama and interactive dialog with students. Sessions will include discussion, chanting and meditation, and synthesizing of all of these as part of the curriculum.

Each session is 2 hours. After roughly an hour there will be a 10 minute break, before resuming for the second half of the class.

Once you register you will receive an email confirmation and welcome letter informing you of your personal call in number & PIN code.

A call in number is a number that will lead you to the Teleclassroom.
A PIN code is the numeric pass code you use to enter the Teleclassroom.

The day of your Teleclass you will call the call in number and then when prompted enter your PIN code (followed by the # button). Once you have done this you will have entered the Teleclassroom.

Once all registered students call in, Manorama will welcome everyone, go over the syllabus and logistical and any technical details. Then Manorama will begin to guide the students in the subject and material of the specific Teleclass.

Each week the students are given homework and are asked to submit their completed homework, via email, according to a set schedule.

What if I am an International Student?

The process is the same except that you will receive an international call in number as well as a PIN code.

Long distance phone charges are not included. We suggest that all International students call in through SKYPE or via phone card to reduce long distance phone costs. Please note that SKYPE will not be a video call, but will be an audio call. Also, a stable Internet connection is necessary.

Using Skype for Teleclass

Step 1: Adding MaestroConference to your Skype account

1. Enter your Skype account or create a new Skype Account via this link:
2. In the top left hand corner of your skype account there is a button Contacts. Click here.
3. Once on the contacts page, top right hand corner there is another button Add Contact. Click here.
4. There is a box under Add Contact. Type in this box mcdirect1 the dedicated Skype contact for all Luminous Soul Teleclasses. To the right of this there is a button Find. Click the find button once you have typed in mcdirect1.
5.  A contact will come up below called MaestroConference. To the right of this there is a green icon with a man and a plus sign in it. Click on the icon to add MaestroConference to your skype contacts.
6.  A message with come up Send a contact request to MaestroConference. Click on the send button underneath.
7.  Go back to your contacts in the top left hand corner and MaestroConference should be one of your contacts.

Step 2: Dialing into Luminous Soul Teleclasses via your Skype account

1.  Go to your contacts.
2.  Find contact MaestroConference.
3.  Hold your mouse over the contact and a green button with a phone saying Call appears.
4.  Click on Call.

Please note it may take 10 – 30 seconds before it starts ringing. It may also ring for an extended time, 1 – 2 minutes. Both of these are normal. If it’s been longer than 2 minutes hang up and then re-try.

5.  An automated voice will answer “Welcome to MaestroConference please enter the conference pin number followed by the pound key”.
6.  The dial pad on skype is in the top right hand corner. There is a phone icon to the left of the search box. Click on the phone and a dial pad will appear.
7.  Enter your 6 digit unique pin code that was sent to you from your teleclass class assistant.

What if I need help before or during a Teleclass?

Every Teleclass has an assigned assistant to support you with your needs and you will find their contact info in the welcome letter you receive. Please reach out to the assistant if you have questions or technical difficulties.

How do I Register?

Registration is made through the Sanskrit Studies website. Once you register for a Teleclass, you will receive an email with the telephone number and an individual access code for your Teleclass. Please keep a note of these as they will remain the same for the 4 classes in each module.

What about course materials?

Course materials are sent in PDF format via email. Following registration you will receive course materials the day before the class, or the day of the class.

What if I miss a class?

Should you need to miss a class due to a scheduling conflict; a recording of the class will be made available through the Sanskrit Studies website. This recording will be available for 6 days, from the day after the class, until the morning of the next class.

Sanskrit Studies Teleclass Policy
After registering, there is a 15% registration fee due to Sanskrit Studies for any cancellations prior to the course start date. After the course start date, there are no refunds or exchanges given for these courses.