A dream come true… Our Teleclass series provide students with the opportunity to work more closely with Manorama, the Sanskrit Studies Method & Luminous Soul Teachings.

Whether you live far away or you are simply interested to immerse more deeply in Luminous Soul teachings, these Teleclasses support your development and give you a special opportunity to connect in on a weekly basis with Manorama.

Classes are dynamic, interactive, full of wisdom and fun. Each Teleclass series is designed to help you grow and develop as a yogi. In our Teleclasses you build your knowledge and come away with a genuine confidence in your self and your practice.

Teleclass FAQ

What is a Teleclass?
What will I need to participate in a Teleclass?
What will the Teleclass be like?
What if I am an International Student?
Using Skype for Teleclass
What if I need help before or during a Teleclass?
How do I Register?
What about course materials?
What if I miss a class?
Sanskrit Studies Teleclass Policy