Yoga Sutra: Immerse in the Secret Code

Teleclass Series with Manorama on Tuesdays, 6 – 8pm ET

New Module ‘The Art of Working with Ahimsa and the Ashtanga Path’ starts June 23

In this one-year teleclass series, work directly with Manorama and immerse in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Grow your life through the integrative principles of the Luminous Soul Method and work with the Luminous Soul understanding of this important yogic text.

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Awaken To Luminous Soul Teleclass

Teleclass Series with Manorama on Thursdays, 1- 3pm ET

New Module ‘Vidya: Working with Yogic Scriptures’ starts June 11

For one year, study directly with Manorama and learn to grow your life through the integrative principles of the Luminous Soul Method. Create a life that you love by learning the art of conscious living.

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Nine Principles of Conscious Living and Dying Teleclass

June 13th & 14th, 2015, 8am – 12pm ET

This 8 hour workshop will offer an intimate setting to explore the Yogic Philosophy of death. Whether you are a yogi, yoga teacher, social worker, hospice volunteer or just interested in conscious living and being with death, this workshop will offer tools to practice in your daily life. There will be time for journaling and contemplation as well as a question and answer period.

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A dream come true… Our Teleclass series provide students with the opportunity to work more closely with Manorama, the Sanskrit Studies Method & Luminous Soul Teachings.

Whether you live far away or you are simply interested to immerse more deeply in Luminous Soul teachings, these Teleclasses support your development and give you a special opportunity to connect in on a weekly basis with Manorama.

Classes are dynamic, interactive, full of wisdom and fun. Each Teleclass series is designed to help you grow and develop as a yogi. In our Teleclasses you build your knowledge and come away with a genuine confidence in your self and your practice.

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