Chant Mantras & Work with the Obstacles

According to Lord Patanjali the obstacles to experiencing yoga are: Confusion, egoism, depression, physical pain, lethargy, exhaustion, skepticism, a lack of interest, over attachment to sensuality, delusional perception, failure to reach the state of unity and the inability to remain there once you have experienced it. These are all considered to be obstacles to the […]

The Most Asked Question About Sanskrit Is….

Do I Derive the Benefit of a Mantra Even if I don’t Pronounce it Properly? I’ve been asked this question many times over the past 25 years: “Do I derive the benefit of a mantra even if I don’t pronounce it properly?” In the beginning, the most important thing is to follow your desire to […]

So What’s So Healing About Sanskrit?

Sanskrit and the Jivanmuktas: Is there a language where spiritual light reflects through sound, grammar and communication? Yes, it’s called Sanskrit. How cool is that? Mantras are realized sounds of light discovered by the rishis in a state of thoughtless reality. Think of it like this, rishis and rishikas are beings, who purified their consciousness through yogic […]

Learn to See What You See: practical steps to understand your prana

Part 2 In last month’a blog, I spoke about the vital need for the yogi-in-training to understand his/her prana, which means breath, energy, life force and soul. In the Luminous Soul Method, awareness of your prana is a foundational aspect of your practice. The more you consciously work with your prana the more you connect with […]

Wax On Wax Off: Practical steps to understand your Prana

Part I Nowadays with the rise in technology, urban living and global travel, we are more aware than ever of the outer energy that powers our devices. This shows us the need for sustainable sources of energy that can support modern life. Yet how often do you think about your own energy, the energy of […]

Meditation is Like Dating Your Self

Honesty First: The best-kept secret in Yoga is that no one likes meditation. I know it sounds shocking, but it’s the truth. If as you read this you are saying to your self ‘But Manorama, I love meditation’ then you are not a beginner. But if you feel uncomfortable when you sit for meditation welcome […]

The Importance of Agni & Tejas

‘Agnim Ide Purohitam’ Rg Veda Agni literally means fire and is the first word laid down in the Rg Veda, the oldest extant of ancient Sanskrit writings. The fire practice is said to support the practitioner by cultivating connection with spiritual light. The Rishis say that Agni is the best representation of light on earth, […]

Learn to Value Your Best Qualities

“You’re getting very good with those movements, your lines are fluid, you should start performing soon,” she said.” “Nah…I just like the way dancing makes me feel,” I replied, “I have no plans to perform.” “Oh, I know you…” She said emphatically that rainy afternoon. “Whatever you focus your attention on, you do completely.” I […]

Gayatri Mantra: The Sacred Rhythm

I recently taught a very special 1-day teleclass on the Gayatri Mantra. The Gayatri mantra is a powerful tool for helping us come into greater contact with our Soul, with the essence that we are. My work with mantra and specifically the Gayatri mantra over the last 28 years has really been a dialog of […]

11 Simple Steps to Manage Your Stress and Anxiety

In our modern times, everyone feels demanded upon. The truth is, what is being asked of us is to give a multitude of things our attention, all at the same moment. This and much more can create stress for us on an internal level. The good news, as I have discovered in my own life, […]